In 2012, Fayded response started with the main idea that nothing is truly in your control but your response. Life really is a b!tch and then you die but you get to pick and choose how you let life affect you. A couple years and a couple FRiends later, the idea developed into a brand, starting out of Fayetteville NC(Fay in Fayded) and then Charlotte NC a few years later. FR has since grown to embody the idea of authenticity, creative freedom and not letting life, its pitfall, your fears, insecurities and others determine how you choose to express that. Over the years, FR has expanded from its Fayetteville roots to working with local artists and creative to keep developing a strong community of individuals with the same attitude and ideas of knowing that obstacles is part of life, but the way you go about dealing with it is what makes you the individual you are. What life throws at you doesn’t define who you are, its your response and reaction to the bullsh!t that shows your true character.